Inpatient Care in Marbella

We also have access to inpatient care here in Spain and in the UK. There are times where people need Time Out. Time out from their relationships, jobs, or possibly require Detoxification from Drugs or Alcohol. We have been working very closely with an excellent provider of these services with many years experience in the field of Mental Health here in Spain.

The hospital is situated in idyllic surroundings. There are private rooms and the staff are familiar in  treating a whole range of physical and mental health problems so it is very discrete. You are supported and will receive the best medical/pschosocial care available, in a confidential multi lingual environment.

The nursing and medical staff speak a variety of languages, not just  Spanish and English. Every client’s package of care will be tailored to suit your own requirements. Nobody will force you to attend groups or do therapy you don’t want. You decide what is best for you and your therapist from TAM (Therapy Associates Marbella) will monitor you throughout the process, and develop with you and after care package that will fit in with your own life and busy schedule.

Inpatient Care in the UK

For those of you who feel you would prefer to go to the UK we can assess and organize this for you as we have a special relationship/arrangment with a company called TTP. They specialize mainly in the Treatment of Addiction and you can look at the details of the services they provide on their website.